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Over 90% of the encyclopedia has now been assigned and 60% submitted. If you are interested in contributing to any of the remaining unassigned articles listed on the TOC tab, please get in contact with the Development Editor at MRW-TXE3@elsevier.com

A message from the Editor-in-Chief

Professor Philip Wexler

The Encyclopedia of Toxicology provides an extensive overview of topics related to the effects of chemicals and select biological and physical agents on the health of humans, other animals, and the environment. Entries on substances and concepts are integrated into a single A-Z alphabet. Accessible overviews of all the key areas of toxicology are included. The first and second editions have found loyal audiences among both professional toxicologists and those in related fields or needing to know the information included therein. These include physicians, industrial hygienists, risk assessors, epidemiologists, lawyer, journalists, and even the concerned public.

The new edition will see a considerable expansion in terms of updated and new entries, including chemicals introduced due to international regulatory considerations. Indeed, overall, the Encyclopedia will encompass more of a global outlook, with editors and contributors from many countries beyond the borders of the U.S. The implications of recent developments in areas such as animal alternatives and the Tox21 initiative, computational toxicology and informatics, omics, new risk assessment paradigms, nanotoxicology, graphical displays of data, high throughput screening, toxicity pathways, epigenetics, and the exposome, among others, will all be covered in the 3rd edition. A cornucopia of treatments ranging from science to policy to history will be represented.

Toxicology’s evolution has grown and accelerated over time. Particularly since the dawn of the present millennium, it has been undergoing a truly rapid transformation which is likely to continue, certainly in the near future. These changes, increasingly collaborative in nature among industry, government, academia, and NGOs, and encompassing scientists expert in fields such as biology, chemistry and informatics, will all be reflected in the 3rd edition of the Encyclopedia of Toxicology.




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