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  • Comprehensive

    Geographic Information Systems

Comprehensive Geographic Information Systems

Comprehensive Geographic Information Systems is an in-depth, state-of-the-art review of Geographical Information Systems (GIS). There is an emphasis on covering the basic theories, systematic methods, ground-breaking technologies and the practical applications of GIS.

Comprehensive Geographic Information Systems will have an interdisciplinary appeal nature of the content and the comprehensive nature of the proposed resource. The primary audience reach will include researchers within the GIS field and professionals across a spectrum of related roles and occupations. It will also be relevant for undergraduates, postgraduates and lecturers in the field of GIS and interrelated subjects such as; geography and mining, power and energy and information technology. It will be a highly comprehensive reference resource covering practical applications, basic and fundamental theories and current and groundbreaking research on geographic information systems.

Fully comprehensive coverage of this rapidly expanding discipline will provide readers with a detailed overview of all aspects of geographic information systems, principles and applications. This Work will be a one-stop comprehensive guide to the most current research within the field as well as a grounding of the fundamentals of the technology. This enables readers to save time in searching for the information they need by giving them a reliable resource.

The Work will publish both as a Major Reference Work entitled Comprehensive Geographic Information Systems, and as an integral component of Elsevier’s Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences. The Reference Module is a modular Work which permits the publication of individual articles. In this way the constituent Major Reference Work articles can be published as soon as they are available rather than waiting for the complete work to be received. Once articles are ingested into the Reference Module, they are available to the Subscribers to that Work. Once all of the articles for the Work have been finalized, the Work will be published.