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Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and CHEMICAL Engineering

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Welcome to the home page of Elsevier’s new online reference database in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering.

Content from Elsevier’s multi-volume major reference works has been reviewed  by an Editorial Board  of scholars representing the major areas of Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering and selected to be included in this new interdisciplinary database on Science Direct.  The database is organized using a subject hierarchy developed specifically for this database to enable researchers and students to find the information that they need, at their level of understanding, quickly and easily.

In research conducted to develop this new interdisciplinary database, students and researchers said that they don’t have a way of validating if the content they access from major reference works is still current.

To address this concern, all the previously published contributions that will be included in this new database are being reviewed for currency, and will be updated as the underlying research progresses. They will carry a currency “timestamp” indicating when they were validated for currency or updated.

In order to provide a comprehensive database, the Editorial Board will also be commissioning new content as needed. These new articles, along with the updated articles, will be published into the database as they are ready, rather than waiting to be included in a final physical product.  This dynamic database with  new and updated content flowing in as science progresses, will provide one authoritative and up-to-date source for students and researchers to quickly and easily find the reference content that they need to plan new research or experiments, to understand new areas of study, to prepare coursework, and to write research papers, grants, and publications.

Please join with us in making Elsevier’s online reference database in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering the definitive source for those entering, researching or teaching in any of many disciplines making up this interdisciplinary area of study.